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Most Disgusting Customer Service in M. Lhullier, Gov Drive, Langkaan 1, Dasmarinas Cavite

Single transaction – Four visits – Failed transaction

What: To receive only 100 USD from US

1. July 31, 2016 (Sunday) – I arrived at exactly 5pm in their office but the “guard” says they no longer accept transaction because their cut-off is only until 5pm. Their door says – Sunday (until 6pm). For me, okay, pardon, come back again next week.

2. August 7, 2016 (Sunday) – I arrived at around 1:40pm in their office, then the “guard” said that the person in charge in on lunch break and will be back at 2:15pm. For me, okay, just wait, it’s only few minutes.

3. August 7, 2016 (Sunday) – I came back at 2:15pm. I filled out their transaction form and gave that to them along with my company ID. When the “teller” called me, she said that she needs 2 valid IDs. My company ID has printed Juana Maria Sanchez (not my real name). By the way, this company is a corporate, multinational manufacturing company. I gave her my other IDs which only have my maiden name – Juana Maria Santos. I gave her my UMID (SSS) ID, Driver’s License, and showed her my company fleet card and bank ATMs which say – Juana Maria Santos Sanchez – in it, just to prove that I am that same person, and to support my identification. She would not even take a look at them. I became frustrated because she kept on saying that those IDs are all “not valid” to support my identification. She kept saying that she needs to see my full married name in 2 valid IDs. I told her that we all know how difficult it is to get these government IDs that’s why I’m giving her all the IDs and cards that I have. I asked her, if I have my passport, will you process this transaction? She said yes and that will accepted.

4. August 7, 2016 (Sunday) – I drove all the way back home and came back to their store immediately with the passport, only to be advised that the “sender” has written only “Juana Santos Sanchez” in the name; and therefore it does not match 100% with all my IDs. This is the worst customer service ever! First, she should have told me that information at the very onset of the transaction when she saw my form and company ID. Second, she already confirmed that the passport will suffice, only to turn out that the transaction is invalid and I have to advise the “sender” to correct my name. I also told her that checking all those IDs that I have given should make her validate through signatures, photos, birthdates and even address!! (UMID and LTO have addresses in them!) The fact that I came back the fourth time is most frustrating and disappointing experience.

Her full name is Margie B. Baluyo, female, and she is very incompetent, impolite, doesn’t know how to listen, and doesn’t have any common sense at all. She just kept saying the rules without even understanding them, how to apply them and how to communicate them properly, making her unfit for the job! I would really hope that M. Lhullier and MoneyGram will not tolerate this behavior and type of employees, especially Margie B. Baluyo in their industry/company because as mentioned above, if you are in my place, you will be boiling in anger and disappointment. Margie’s performance is worthy of a “suspension” in order to address performance issues, but I will leave that to the M.Lhullier or Moneygram. The words here are all an understatement of how I feel especially that I ended up not getting the money at all, which should have been a payment for my retired father’s maintenance medicines. A charge has already been imposed on the “sender” in the US, a Filipino friend who married an American, again just because of how incompetent the employees are. I am attaching here a photo to support this complaint.

Send SMS only to: 09152445499

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of poor customer service and margie baluyo. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of mlhuillier customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $100. Mlhuillier needs to "100 usd has not yet been received; plus there are already charges on the part of the sender; plus all the hassles (time, effort, fuel) in coming back just for this single, simple transaction" according to poster's claims.

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